A Surprising Legendary Pokemon Appears In The Latest Episode Of The Pokemon Anime

The latest episode of the Pokemon anime has recently aired in Japan and features a rather surprising cameo from one of the series’ Legendary Pokemon.

The Legendary Pokemon in question is none other than Eternatus, the third Legendary of Pokemon Sword And Shield.

While traveling to the Galar Region by plane, Ash and Go caught a glimpse of Eternatus flying amidst  the clouds:

They show the legendary Pokémon of sword and shield!#anipoke pic.twitter.com/FsklFISxkp

— サトセレ (@AshandSerena) February 9, 2020

The fact that Eternatus appears in the anime before box legendaries Zacian and Zamazenta might come as a surprise to most.

However, if the Pokemon anime is taking cues from Pokemon Sword And Shield‘s main story, then the absence of the two legendary wolves makes a lot of sense.

We will just have to see what the anime team has in store for us moving forward!

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Source: NintendoSoup