Solgaleo Legendary Event And Cynthia Spotlight Scout Now Live For Pokemon Masters

The latest Legendary Event and Sync Pair Scout has begun for Pokemon Masters.

In line with the previously datamined information, the Legendary Event “The Beast That Devours The Sun” will allow players to add Solgaleo to their team as a sync pair partner.

The event lasts from today until January 21st 2020, and requires players to have completed Chapter 4 of the Main Story.

The Poke Fair Scout for Cynthia & Garchomp will also be live during this same period.

During this Poke Fair Scout, 5* Sync Pairs haev a 10% chance of appearing, with Cynthia & Garchomp having increased rates on top of that.

Do note that Cynthia & Garchomp will not be added to the permanent pool once the Poke Fair Scout is over.

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