RUMOR: GameStop Lists 10+ Mysterious Placeholders For Switch Titles

It looks like Nintendo fans could be hearing about some big game reveals to start off 2020 soon!

Once again, GameStop has reportedly added around 12 unnamed SKUs for Switch games to its registry.

As is the case many times in the past, this seems to indicate that new physical titles might be available for pre-order soon.

GameStop system doing it’s usual pre-direct new SKU listings ????.

We starting 2020 strong ????~

— FADEL – Master Of Hype (@YuYuKamii) January 1, 2020

What this means is currently unclear. However, the prevailing speculation is that Nintendo will soon be making some announcements in a possible Direct presentation this month.

After all, several SKUs also appeared in GameStop’s system before Nintendo’s September 2019 Direct and before their E3 2019 Direct.

As with all unconfirmed information, however, we still urge NintendoSoup readers to approach these listings with skepticism.

We’ll report back if we can get further verification of their authenticity.