Pokemon GO Players Share Their Experiences Of Improved Health And Social Lives

Ever since its launch in 2016, the benefits and evils of Pokemon GO have been debated to bits at this point. For some, the game is a source of distraction that promotes carelessness and accidents – which isn’t far from the truth at times.

Today, however, we have some heartwarming stories about those who have discovered a better life through the game, instead.

In a new report titled ‘How Pokemon GO Changed My Life‘, BBC News got to meet and interview several folks in the UK about their lives after discovering the mobile title.

For starters, retired couple Pauline and Robin Tarry found themselves walking up to 50 km per week thanks to Pokemon GO.

The exercise has been so effective that Robin (diagnosed with diabetes previously) may soon be able to pause his medication:

“My blood sugars are almost at pre-diagnosis level…I’m pleased, but I can’t get complacent.”

Similarly, 65-year-old Lesley Morgan was able to connect with her young grandson outdoors because of Pokemon GO. Nowadays, she reports that she walks to work more often, and is active to the point of tiring out her grandson instead!

“My asthma nurse is so pleased I’ve got lungs again. I can run for the bus and not feel like I’m going to die. I’ve also gone down about two dress sizes.”

Meanwhile, Pokemon GO has even been a boon for those with chronic conditions – such as 26-year-old Matthew Gibson, who struggles with cerebral palsy and autism. Today, he finds himself exploring the outdoors with his parents, and even attending meetups with others just like him:

“I’ve [found] things in my neighborhood that I didn’t know were there. I even go to places like the parks and the castles so I can [find] Pokémon while mum and dad are looking around.”

These are just some of the amazing stories of transformation that some Pokemon GO fans have to tell – and we’re sure that there are many more just like them out there!

If you have a positive story about Pokemon GO to share as well, feel free to do so below!

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