Kirby’s Original Name Was “Popopo”

Today we have some interesting news to share with you about Kirby, one of Nintendo’s cutest and most beloved characters.

Before the launch of the first Kirby game, HAL Laboratory worked on another game called Twinkle Star Popo (ティンクル☆ポポ), and its protagonist is called Poppo.

This was published in a Japanese video game magazine as shown below:


“Isn’t my name so easy to remember? I am Popopo.”

HAL Laboratory later decided to cancel Twinkle Star Popo, but they eventually decided to resume development. That was when Popopo was renamed to Kirby.

Although Popopo and Kirby seem to be identical, there are a few differences, such as Popopo’s pointed hands and longer legs.

HAL laboratory also said Popopo was “very picky about food”, unlike Kirby.

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