Japanese Pokemon Fans Cry With Joy For The Sword And Shield Expansion Pass

Japanese Pokemon fans have been overwhelmingly positive about the news of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass.

Many thanked Game Freak for making the new content as DLC, instead of making an all-new entry similar to what they did with Pokemon Sun/Moon and Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

Some even claimed they cried the moment it was announced.

Check out all their comments as translated by NintendoHill below:

“Pokemon official website: ‘Introducing the first two Pokemon series DLC! 2 new maps! New Pokemon! New characters! New legendary! New evolutions! Over 100 new costumes and accessories! Over 200 Pokemon are returning! Every Legendary Pokemon is coming!’

Me: ‘Amazing! That must be 5000 yen!? 10,000 yen!? I will pay whatever you ask!’

2 9 8 0 yen


“Game Freak: ‘….Over 200 Pokemon are appearing!’

Me: ‘???????’

Game Freak: ‘Every Legendary Pokemon is appearing!’

Me: ‘???????’

Game Freak: ‘The two DLC parts cost 2980 yen altogether!!!’

Me: ‘???????’

“Thanks Game Freak… thank you Game Freak..”

“I’m so excited that I cried.. thank you Game Freak”

“Game Freak’s job was splendid”

“I believe Game Freak now.”

“Game Freak ain’t traitors.”

“I’ve become a believer of Game Freak!”

“They’ve done it… I can’t believe I’ve really cried. So happy that I can meet all the Legendary Pokemon.”

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Source: NintendoSoup ;3