Final Fantasy Mofumofu Chocobo And Moogle Plushies Up For Pre-Order

Want more Final Fantasy goodness in your house or around your bedroom?

Now you have a chance to grab some fluffy buddies!

Amazon Japan has opened pre-orders for Square Enix’s new Final Fantasy Mofumofu Plushie series – featuring a Chocobo and Moogle!

Both stuffed toys will be launching sometime in May 2020, and you can pre-order them at the links below (both ship worldwide):

  • [eal asin=”B083JFP6C1″]Final Fantasy Mofumofu Plush Chocobo[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B083JFZZKH”]Final Fantasy Mofumofu Plush Moogle[/eal]

You can also take a look at some preview shots below: