Alolan Meowth Makes An Appearance In Pokemon Sword And Shield

As you may know, Pokemon Sword And Shield introduce a number of new regional forms to the Pokemon franchise, some of which can be traded for the original versions of the same Pokemon via in-game trades.

Despite the presence of original form Pokemon within the game, Alolan forms are conspicuously unavailable for players to obtain by any means.

With several Kanto Pokemon with Alolan forms being available in-game (e.g. Raichu, Vulpix, Meowth, Diglett), many fans have been wondering if the Alolan forms will ever be made available in Pokemon Sword And Shield.

Luckily, there is evidence to suggest Alolan forms will indeed be available for players to acquire some time in the future (through Pokemon HOME or otherwise).

The latest of these is a cameo appearance of Alolan Meowth that has been discovered in Pokemon Sword And Shield.

By going to Marisa Luisa’s campsite on Route 7, and Alolan Meowth can be seen wandering around.

Alolan Meowth Sword Shield

Another piece of evidence comes from Pokemon Sword And Shield‘s datamined icon sprites.

In this sheet, sprites for the Alolan forms for any Kanto Pokemon that have them are included.

In addition, these Alolan forms also have new Pokedex entries specific to Pokemon Sword And Shield, and some players have even claimed that Raid Battle data exists for them as well.

That said, until an official confirmation is given by The Pokemon Company, all of this is just speculation. We will be sure to bring new updates on the availability of Alolan Pokemon as they come.

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