“Overwhelming Response” Forces Niantic To Disable Pokestop And Gym Wayfarer Contributions For Pokemon GO

Earlier this year, Niantic announced plans to enhance Pokestop and Gym nominations for Pokemon GO using a tool called Niantic Wayfarer, which would have allowed regular users to submit ideas to Niantic for Pokestops and Gym locations.

Originally, the plan was for Pokemon GO players above Level 40 to have the ability to suggest changes and updates to Pokestop and Gym locations through Wayfarer.

Through a new rating and review process, this system would not only ensure that Pokestop and Gym locations would be up to date, but also that they are not located on private property or in dangerous areas.

Unfortunately, it seems Niantic underestimated just how many Pokemon GO players would be interested in trying out the new system. Less than a day after the service went live, Niantic was forced to take it down due to “overwhelming response” and fears of server stability issues.

Trainers, due to overwhelming response, we are disabling PokéStop and Gym contributions to avoid stability issues. We’ll provide an update when it’s available again, thanks for your understanding. https://t.co/8ssOKcnE83

— Niantic Support (@NianticHelp) December 26, 2019

As of this writing, it is unknown if or when the service will be made available again to players. We will continue to monitor the story and bring updates as they come.

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