Nintendo Was The Third Biggest Spender For TV Adverts By Gaming Brands In 2019

It’s no secret by now that Nintendo spends big on TV advertising – targeting the attention of families worldwide. As 2019 comes to a close, here’s a quick look at how much the company put into its commercials!

According to VentureBeat, Nintendo was the third largest-spender for videogame adverts on TV throughout 2019. While this was less than half of what its competitors Sony (PlayStation) and Microsoft (Xbox One) did – it looks like Nintendo achieved more ad impressions per dollar that they spent.

Here are more highlights from the report below:

  • Nintendo spent roughly $46 million on TV ads, which generated 3.07 billion impressions
  • For comparison, Microsoft spent $100 million on Xbox ads, which generated 4.8 billion impressions
  • Fifth place for programming with the biggest advertising outlay was SpongeBob SquarePants — driven mostly by Nintendo, which spent about $7.08 million for advertising during the kids’ series.
iSpot year end

Will Nintendo embark on an even larger advertising rampage in 2020? We’ll report back when we see what the New Year brings!