Nintendo Switch Stylus Apparently Feels Different From The Super Mario Maker 2 Stylus

Today we have some interesting news about the Nintendo Switch Stylus (also known as Touch Pen in Japan) that are being sold individually and together in a bundle with Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch.

Back in June, Nintendo gave away Super Mario Maker 2 Touch Pens as pre-order bonuses for Super Mario Maker 2 in Japan and Europe.

At first glance, both the Super Mario Maker 2 Touch Pen and Nintendo Switch Stylus look identical.

However, it seems that isn’t the case.

Japanese users who have tried out both stylus are reporting a small difference with the Nintendo Switch Touch Pen. According to these Japanese users, it’s way easier to write words with the Nintendo Switch Stylus, as its tip is “smoother” than the Super Mario Maker 2 variant.

This would also mean it would be easier to draw things with the Nintendo Switch Stylus.

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