Industry Analyst Apologizes For Doubting The Success Of Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure has been a huge hit worldwide – many countries experienced shortages and the game is selling like hotcakes in Japan.

As Ring Fit Adventure was a completely new concept similar to what Nintendo did with Nintendo Labo, ACE Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda pointed out the possibility of Ring Fit Adventure becoming a failure based on its launch week sales.

Turns out, Yasuda’s prediction was incorrect, as it became a huge success.

Yasuda has put out an article on GamesIndustry, reflecting on what happened with Ring Fit Adventure. He said his first judgment on Ring Fit Adventure was “too premature” and “a mistake”, and said in light of this, he should definitely apologize and reflect on his judgment.

It’s rare to hear analysts apologizing for incorrect predictions like this, so it’s a good call.

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