Amazon UK apologizes to users who received batteries, condoms or detergent instead of their Nintendo Switch

At the time of Black Friday there is a great demand for video games and consoles, but this year there has been a problem with the purchase of certain Nintendo Switch through Amazon UK.

This was that certain users received completely random products such as toothbrushes, batteries, LEGO, condoms or detergent for putting some examples instead of their Nintendo Switch. Many users flooded with negative comments on the Facebook page of Amazon UK and its customer service.

After all these problems, Amazon has finally apologized for the incident and has promised reimbursement for all erroneous orders. We leave you with your statements about it below:

We are very sorry for what happened and we are investigating what could have happened. We are contacting all consumers who have had a problem and have let us know so that we can solve it. Everyone who has had an incident with any order can contact our customer service team for help.

Still, this has not pleased everyone, as consumers will be reimbursed for the £ 279 it cost while on sale, but if they want to buy it again they will have to do so by paying the original price.

A most interesting news that lets us see that even the largest companies can make mistakes, what do you think about what happened? Leave us what you think in the comments!

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