Pokemon Global Link Has Officially Been Retired

Pokemon Global Link Has Officially Been Retired 1

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Last year, the Pokemon Company announced that the Pokemon Global Link service would be shutting down in February 2020.

True to their word, on this day 24th February 2020, the service has officially been retired.

All gameplay services which required access to it in the 3DS games (e.g. Ranked Battles) will no longer work, although other online features such as trading and battling which do not require the PGL will still be operational.

For almost nine years, the PGL served as a hub for not just Online Competitions and Ranked Battles, but many other memorable online features such as Generation V’s Dream World, Generation VI’s Pokemileage Club.

Moving forward, the majority of the PGL’s functions will be fulfilled through the Nintendo Switch Online service and Pokemon HOME.

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Source: Pokegom-GL, NintendoSoup

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