GCC Pokemon: real surprises in the new “Vivid Voltage” expansion

GCC Pokemon: real surprises in the new "Vivid Voltage" expansion 1

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The new expansion of Pokémon Sword and Shield “Vivid Voltage” will be released in Japan on November 13, while the English set will be released the very next day.

Moreover, we also know that the set will contain more than 185 new cards, among them 11 Pokémon-V (and among them there will be also Zarude) and there will be, hear hear, also a new type of rarity!

In fact, it’s this expansion that inaugurates the “Amazing Pokémon”, cards of a new rarity that appear either as a vortex or as a constellation of different colors that starts from the center of the artwork and continues even outside it in an innovative chromatic explosion.

In short, the name is right!

The Pokémon that will present this new kind of rarity will only be legendary and mythical Pokémon, here are a couple of examples:

Zacian Amazing

Rayquaza Amazing

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