Businessman sentenced to 3 years in prison after spending a grant on a Charizard Pokémon card

Today we bring you a rather curious story. A man from Georgia, USA named Vinath Oudomsine was the owner of a small business who asked the government for a grant for the damage caused by COVID-19 to his business… The grant in question was $85,000, but, to the surprise of the authorities, this sum did not seem to help much in improving his business.

The reason for this was that Oudomsine had spent much of the aid (some $57,000) on comparing a Charizard card from the Pokémon collectible card game: an astronomical figure for one of the best cards in the title. This, of course, caught the attention of the authorities, who have forced Oudomsine to pay a $10,000 fine and serve three years in prison for fraud, along with another three years of supervised release.

Source: ScreenRant