An OLED Nintendo Switch is left on for 3,600 hours to see if its screen finally burns out

Recently it has been published a new and interesting video related to the new model of Nintendo Switch. We are talking in this case of Nintendo Switch OLED.

After the test of 1,800 hours, in the short film that we leave you below, we can take a look at an experiment that consisted of leaving the console on for more than 3,600 hours to see if the screen burns or is damaged, a somewhat controversial issue before the launch of this OLED model. The result? A very slight hint of burn-in does appear, but the analyst says there is nothing to worry about:

Is this something you should be worried about? Definitely not… it took me 3,600 hours to get to this point and it’s been on this screen the whole time at full blast, that will take years for someone to do that in a particular game, and again, that game needs a UI element or something that doesn’t move on the screen, and that particular element needs to be on the screen for 3,600 hours, which is rare. Even if you’re specifically playing Breath of the Wild… I don’t think this will ever be an issue. If you’re worried about buying an OLED Switch for this reason, you have nothing to worry about.

Here it is:

Source: NintendoLife