Venusaur’s devastating power shown in Pokémon Unite in Chuck Norris style

A funny message about Pokémon Unite has arrived once again. After its release several weeks ago on Nintendo Switch as a free download and the announcement of the mobile version on 22 September, we now bring you a video that has gone viral on Reddit.

In it, they wanted to highlight the power of Venusaur’s Solar Beam attack in the game by comparing it to Chuck Norris’ bullets. The clip shows scenes intercut between the Pokémon’s devastating beam attacks and Chuck Norris shooting with a sniper rifle in 1983’s Lone Wolf McQuade.

As well as being quite hilarious, it demonstrates the power of one of the perhaps most overlooked Pokémon in the title by players these days. You can see it here:

That’s how it feels playing Venusaur from PokemonUnite