Things Pokémon Unite needs to add to keep it going strong

Here we bring you more Pokémon Unite-related news. Following its release on Nintendo Switch as a free download and the announcement of the mobile version on 22 September, we’ve learned about an interesting compilation of requests for the game.

As you may know, the key to MOBAs is to keep getting content and updates after release. Pokémon is delivering, but Dexerto points out that a number of things need to be ensured for its continued success.

Here’s what they share:

  • Better information every time a patch is released. While the official website offers some details, these have been noted as somewhat generic or not very explanatory of what is actually being changed. Often we can read that the only indication given of changes to a Pokémon is “Speed increased” or “Bug fixed”, something that continues to confuse some fans.
  • More maps, as most players end up only enjoying Remoat Stadium. More maps in standard or ranked mode would be a great help to keep things exciting. Also, several locations would add a lot of depth to the way Pokémon and their abilities are used.
  • Role-locking, as is the case in other games of this style, so that players don’t get frustrated on their way to the Master Cup by losing too many matches. Role locking would allow matches to be more balanced by ensuring that each team has the minimum amount of roles needed.
  • Zapdos’ Nerf to make matches fairer. It has already been mentioned that the end of matches can be unfair because of this legendary Pokémon.
  • Make equipped items more affordable, so they don’t become a “pay to win”. It would be great to be able to enjoy a free currency to upgrade these items.