New Zelda: Breath of the Wild glitch turns Link into a magnet: he’s being used to cover up characters and more

We bring again a curious compilation related to one of the most outstanding titles of the Switch and Wii U catalogue. We are talking in this case about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Below we can see a new glitch that allows you to stick different objects to Link. This glitch acts like a magnet and creates really strange effects in the game.

Here are the steps to get it, as shared by Automaton:

  1. weapon attachment glitch (swapping swords).

i. Prepare an object that can be held as bombs.
ii. Equip a weapon and a shield with one hand and then draw the weapon with Y
iii. Press B and unequip the shield during the movement of the weapon by stowing it.
iv. Pick up the item and throw it and Link is now a magnet.

  1. Glitch of the arm stuck on the object

i. Unequip the weapon (or equip a two-handed weapon) and equip a shield.
ii. Stand in front of the object you wish to hit and crouch facing south.
iii. Press the L button (bombs) + down on the D-pad + the A button.

  • For the Sword Swap glitch, if you’ve thrown a remote bomb, detonate it (you must be in the state where the L button brings up a bomb).
  • No glitch appears if you don’t long press down on the D-pad.
    iv. Pick up the item with one hand, equip a weapon with one hand, and immediately put the shield away.
  • If you are not holding the item in one hand or are not attached to the item, repeat section 2 from step “i”.

And here you can see it with different functions, such as covering unplayable characters or flying strangely with a cuckoo: