New PEGI changes will affect re-release of older Pokémon titles

We bring you an interesting message related to one of the most beloved franchises among Nintendo fans. It is indeed Pokémon.

In the tweet below, we can learn that, from now on, all video games with gambling simulators will be classified as video games for over 18s by PEGI. As you know, this is the age rating system for video games in Europe.

How does this affect Pokémon? Well, in that games like Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow would receive PEGI 18 ratings if they were re-released as they are in Europe. This is effectively because they feature casino and arcade simulations.

This makes it clear that Nintendo, Game Freak and other Pokémon makers are replacing these arcades with other elements, as is already the case in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. In the future, if they wanted to re-release games that had casinos, they would have to change these aspects… or else they would be rated PEGI 18.