Monster Hunter Stories 2: 1.3.0 update date, content, and trailer

Here’s an interesting new video of one of the most prominent games of the moment for Nintendo Switch users, which has recently been published on YouTube. It’s Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

In the video, we are shown the new features of version 1.3.0, which will include free content this September 2. They are as follows:

Nintendo Switch
2 September 2021
Space required
Approx. 0.6 GB (this update only)

  • If you have purchased the digital version, the total amount of space required (including the game) is about 16.1 GB.
  • Please make sure you have enough free space before downloading the update.

Major content additions and changes
Additional monsters
[2 September]
Kirin Boreal
Tengen Mizutsune
Glacial Gammoth
Additional Co-op Missions
[2 September]
Co-op ★8: Explore: Water Eggs
Co-op ★8: Explore: Ice Eggs
[16 September]
★9: Battle: Tengen Mizutsune
★9: Battle: Glacial Gammoth
★8: Turns: Mizutsune
★8: Turns: Gammoth
★8: Scouts: Four Damned
Additional Submissions
[September 2]
★8: Ice Ghost
★4: Special: Bug Shower
[16 September]
★8: Heavenly Gaze
★8: Unreachable Peak
★8: Special: Siesta pestisiesta
Bug fixes / General
Some of the monster voices have been adjusted.
Fixed an issue that caused a level 99 Battle Comrade and his level 99 Monstie to suddenly drop to level 1 due to certain conditions.
Fixed an error message that appeared when accessing multiplayer features after choosing certain skin tones.
Improved stability to fix a bug that caused the ending cinematic to pause for some players. If the issue persists, we recommend restarting the game periodically.
Fixed an issue with sound options not being saved correctly after restarting the game under certain circumstances.
Fixed a bug that caused changes to Red’s appearance to not be reflected correctly after altering your Rider’s appearance using a character edit ticket.
Fixed an issue where the Canyne’s scarf would appear extended when entering combat and returning to terrain due to certain factors.
Fixed an issue where the Kulve Taroth icon and name would disappear from the mission description after completing a given combat.
Various other bugs have been fixed.

And here’s the video: