First images of free-to-play online shooter Star Wars Hunters leaked

After a long time without news, specifically since its announcement at the Nintendo Direct in February, we now have some interesting details related to Star Wars Hunters. In this case, it’s a really interesting message for fans of the game.

As we’ve learned, the tweet below allows us to see some recently leaked screenshots of this free-to-play online 4 vs. 4 first-person shooter inspired by the popular Star Wars franchise. It’s scheduled for release in 2021, but unfortunately we haven’t officially received any more information.

Now at least we can at least see these screenshots thanks to @SWHuntersNews, which show us combat, arena battles, squads, character customization and some weapons. Here’s the post:

Here’s a reminder of its premise and trailer:

This title will connect players in real-time through cross-play to battle in environments inspired by iconic Star Wars settings. Players will join teams of new and unique characters, including fearless bounty hunters, Rebellion heroes and Imperial stormtroopers, in a fast-paced, immersive action game with a stunning visual style that perfectly captures the Star Wars galaxy.