Tips to improve the lifespan of your Nintendo Switch today

Here comes a new and interesting video related to Nintendo Switch. This time the YouTube channel Cobayasgamer has shared a series of tips to improve the lifespan of our hybrid console.

We leave them below:

  • Do not leave the console in sleep mode for too long (better to turn it off).
  • Don’t try to undock the Joy-Con “roughly” (without pressing the back button), otherwise the rails could be damaged.
  • The plain White theme is not recommended, as it consumes more battery (it is very bright) than the plain Black (saves battery). If you don’t care about the visual appearance, black is currently recommended.
  • High and low temperatures have a negative effect on the console, so it is best to avoid them and put the console in a suitable place.
  • A screen protector is recommended to avoid scratches when taking it in and out of the dock.
  • Games and microSD cards should be removed or inserted with the console switched off, as this can cause the console to lock up, create small crashes, take longer to start up, etc.