Things Pokémon Unite urgently needs to improve: nerfs, features and more

As you know, Pokémon Unite is a game that is already quite popular with fans. However, there are a few things that need to be improved.

After the launch of the official survey in which TiMi asked for feedback on this free-to-play title, we now bring you some weak points highlighted by Dotesports. These are the improvements that should be included in the game in the future to keep players entertained:

  • Reduce pay-to-win, as players who invest real money in the game to upgrade their items to the maximum level have an undeniable advantage.
  • Remove the limit on the number of Aeos coins players can earn by competing each week.
  • Nerf Zapdos, as many players have shared their experience of suffering a loss to a team capable of defeating Zapdos, despite previously dominating the match.
  • Nerfs to the following playable characters:
    • Zeraora: Seems like the most broken Pokémon in the game at the moment.
    • Gengar: Maybe it has a bit of a slow start, but Gengar is too powerful in the later stages of the game.
    • Speedsters: All of them need slight nerfs.
  • Improvements to the following playable characters:
    • Venusaur: Venusaur desperately needs an upgrade to be competitive.
    • Slowbro and Crustle: To put them on par with Snorlax.
    • Charizard: Not as powerful as many of the other balanced characters and was recently nerfed.
  • The ranking system should introduce a role selection system to achieve properly constructed team compositions.
  • The ability to pinpoint areas of the map in matches, so that you can freely ping around the map at will.
  • Communication with players and regular updates.