These words from Melia’s voice actress suggest that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is on the way.

Here we bring you interesting details related to Xenoblade Chronicles. In this case, it is a really interesting message for fans of the franchise.

According to what we have learned, Jenna Coleman, Melia’s voice actress may have mistakenly revealed the existence of a third installment of the series. The information comes from a recent interview, where her words have been analyzed in detail and seem to suggest that there is news on the way regarding her role. However, he only mentions it followed by the word “I think”, so nothing is 100% confirmed.

Here they are:

Interviewer: How did you get the role of Melia?

Jenna Coleman: It was in my pre-Doctor Who era and it was through my voiceover agent. I did it 10 years ago. Then when they did the second one they asked me to come back [for Definitive Edition] and I think they’re going to do another one as far as I know. Yes, I think they’re going to do another one. I don’t know if I can say that. But yeah, I’ve never played it, is it a cool game?