The upgrade to Drednaw in Pokémon Unite actually makes it harder to defeat Zapdos these days

We have received some curious news about a major game in the Switch catalogue. This is indeed Pokémon Unite.

Matches in Pokémon Unite can largely depend on which team defeats Zapdos, but with the recent buff to Drednaw, defeating it gets a lot more complicated.

Apparently, when Drednaw is defeated, the damage done to Zapdos is greatly reduced, to be precise by 55% for 90 seconds, so it is not recommended to go for Zapdos after defeating Drednaw.

In the video below you can demonstrate this between minutes 8:50 and 9:55, in which we can see how Pikachu does 435 damage to Drednaw during its supposed upgrade, but at minute 9:55, when the effect of defeating Drednaw has worn off, the same Pikachu attack does 965 damage.

Here it is: