Quake celebrates Nintendo Switch availability with this trailer

After a recent listing, Quake has now been recently released on Nintendo Switch for $9.99. For this reason, the developers wanted to share an interesting new trailer celebrating the fact that we can now get our hands on this title on the hybrid console.

The video takes us through some of the features and scenes of this game on Nintendo Switch. You can check it out below:

Rampage through 32 single-player levels and 6 deathmatch levels full of terror, sounds and submersive lighting. Arm yourself against the cannibalistic Ogre, the evil Vore and the indestructible Shambler using lethal spikes, ferocious lightning bolts and abominable rocket launchers and grenade launchers.

Developed by the award-winning team at id Software, Quake is the groundbreaking dark fantasy first-person shooter that inspired today’s retro-style shooters. Now you can enjoy the authentic, updated and visually enhanced version of the original.

Enjoy the original game, enhanced
Experience the original, authentic version of Quake, now supporting 4K resolution and widescreen, with improved modelling, dynamic and coloured lighting, anti-aliasing, depth of field, the evocative original soundtrack featuring Trent Reznor’s theme and much more. There has never been a better time to play Quake.

Take on the dark fantasy campaign
You are Ranger, a warrior armed with a powerful arsenal. Take on corrupted knights, deformed ogres and an army of wicked creatures across four dark dimensions encompassing infested military bases, medieval castles, lava-filled dungeons and gothic cathedrals. In these locations you must find four magical runes. Only when you have obtained all four will you have the power to defeat the ancient evil that threatens all mankind.

Get the original game and the new expansion packs
Quake also includes the two original expansion packs: “The Scourge of Armagon” and “Dissolution of Eternity”, plus the two expansions developed by the award-winning team at MachineGames: “Dimension of the Past” and the unreleased “Dimension of the Machine”.

Discover the new expansion “Dimension of the Machine”.
In the darkest corners of the labyrinth lies the core of lava and steel known only as the Machine. Battle the forces of evil across time and space to gather the lost runes, activate the Machine and open the portal that hides the greatest threat to the known worlds. Take it down… before it destroys us all.

Enjoy local and online multiplayer and co-operative play
Complete the original campaign and expansions in 4-player online or split-screen co-op, and compete in retro-style combat in up to 8-player online or 4-player local split-screen matches. Includes dedicated servers for online play and P2P support for custom games.

Download free mods and additional missions
Extend your experience with free and selected official and fan-created mods, such as Quake 64, which is available for download now. More official and community-created mods will be released soon.

Play with friends via cross-play
Play the campaign and all expansion packs in co-op mode or take on your friends in multiplayer matches regardless of platform!