Pokémon Unite: The most useful cheats to help you win games

Pokémon Unite is the game of the moment with which Nintendo Switch players can enjoy for the first time a MOBA with characters from the popular series.

Well, if you’re already initiated in it, you’re probably looking to win as many games as possible, especially if you’re in competitive mode, where winning is essential to climb the ranks. For this reason, here are some tips and tricks that will be very useful for you to achieve this goal:

On Pokémon selection

Pokémon Unite allows you to select between different Pokémon as characters to use during games, each with their own role and abilities that make them unique.

The selection of these characters is fundamental to the correct composition of your team, although you will always have a preference for one or another, and it is highly recommended that you specialise in at least two or three that you use regularly. This way you will know how to master them perfectly and you will be able to alternate between them depending on the needs of your team and the choices of your teammates.

Within these two or three characters to master, it is also important that they belong to different classes, such as an attacker, a defender and a helper, for example, as specialising in several Pokémon of the same role will limit you a lot when it comes to confirming effective strategies.

You have the updated Pokémon tier list here.

The objects

The items you equip your Pokémon with are extremely important, as they will determine your strategy and the advantage you have over your opponent during a battle. You should find out whether a Pokémon is a physical or special attacker, and also level up the items you use the most so that their effects are boosted.

The best strategies

Leveling up your Pokémon during the game will make it evolve and learn moves much earlier, so it is highly recommended to focus more on that than on scoring goals during the first few minutes of the game.

On the other hand, defeating the various bosses that appear from time to time on the map, such as Drednaw or Rotom, which provide almost immediate advantages for the whole team, is also key.

Finally, you and your team cannot forget Zapdos, who appears in the centre of the map in the last minutes of the game and who is decisive, as the one who defeats Zapdos will be able to come back and win the game very easily regardless of what he did in the previous minutes, you cannot let your opponent defeat him before you do.