Pokémon Unite players call for changes to help them cope with Wigglytuff

From Reddit comes a curious message about an important game in the Switch catalogue. This time it’s Pokémon Unite.

A clip has recently gone viral in which a player uses Wigglytuff to score points in a game. To do this, he activates his Unite Move, which makes him immune to all damage for a period of time, allowing him to score the points that give his team the win.

After this video, many players have realised how powerful Wigglytuff’s shields can be when combined with items like Buddy Barrier, which increases the effectiveness of your team’s shields depending on the amount of HP each player has. This way, the more HP you have, the higher the shield.

For these reasons, many players are asking for changes to the way shields work in order to cope with Wigglytuff. Despite this, in the comments of the post, some users have stated that they don’t mind Wigglytuff’s shields, because, in order to use all his power and score, he has to activate his Unite Move.

Here is the video: