Pokémon Unite bug causes points not to count at the end of the game

More Pokémon Unite news is coming in again. Following its release on Nintendo Switch as a free download, we’ve learned of what appears to be a bug in the title.

In this case, it’s a technical issue that causes scoring to be disabled in the last 10 seconds of the battle. As you know, any goal scored in the last two minutes of a match is doubled. Now this new bug has been detected, which seems to have disabled scoring in the last 10 seconds of some matches.

The video below shows us Alola Ninetales scoring 48 Aeos Orbs with 10 seconds left, but ultimately the goal doesn’t count and the Coach loses the match. Here it is:

They need to fix this 🙁 from PokemonUnite

Some players have commented on the video saying that it may have been due to a connection error, and others have added that something similar has also happened to them. Dexerto also confirms the presence of this bug. TiMi has not yet commented on the issue, so we’ll keep an eye out for more details.