Pokémon Unite accused of having these “pay-to-win” elements

Since its launch, Pokémon Unite has been a resounding success, achieving huge numbers both on Twitch and in terms of players; a success it hopes to multiply once the title lands on mobile devices.

However, this popularity has not spared it from criticism, with some in the community accusing it of being a “pay-to-win” game, as they have described it. This is because one of the most important elements in terms of customisation are the equipped items, which give Pokémon all sorts of advantages during gameplay.

These items can be upgraded, greatly increasing a Pokémon’s benefits the higher its level. The criticism comes because players who spend money in the game have the opportunity to obtain the resource to upgrade these items much more quickly, and the difference between having items at a good level and not having them at all is very noticeable.

Neither TiMi nor The Pokémon Company have commented on this, so it doesn’t look like there will be a change in this regard any time soon. Finally, we would also like to remind you of the other points of improvement mentioned above.