Pokémon Players Cup 2021 Invitational viewing times are now available

Good news for fans of competitive Pokémon. Today we have news about the Players Cup 2021 Invitational.

It has been detailed when we will be able to follow it live to see VGC and TCG battles with some of the best players in the world. The times we have been able to find out are as follows:

  • Friday 13 August at 18:00 UTC/19:00 CET for the preshow.
  • Saturday 14 August at 16:00 UTC/17:00 CET is the first day of matches.
  • Saturday 15 August at 16:00 UTC/17:00 CET is the second day of bouts.
  • VGC will be commentated by Aaron Zheng, Rosemary Kelley, Adam Dorricott and Lou Cromie
  • TCG will be commented by Kyle Sucevich, Chip Richey, Joe Bernard and Ross Gilbert.