Pokémon GO could have worked perfectly well with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games in this way

We have already seen a video game presence at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. However, we have also learned that Nintendo pulled out of the opening ceremony at the last minute. This has left fans wondering whether popular games such as Pokémon GO could also have received Olympic-related events.

It would certainly have been a great opportunity to introduce some kind of event or mission celebrating all of these sports. The fact that there are many people in Japan who did not want the Games to take place and the controversies of the last few days may have had something to do with it.

From Dexerto, they explain how Pokémon GO could have collaborated with the Olympics:

  • They could have put together a 16-day event with giveaways and other athletic-themed events.
  • This could have included boosts for sports-related Pokémon, such as Hitmonchan or Sawk
  • There could have been rotating events or highlights of different Pokémon based on the disciplines played each day.
  • The same could have happened with Raids.