Suda51 wants to put Travis to rest for “about 10 years” after No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 is just a few days away from release, but many fans are wondering if it’s possible that there will be more installments in the future.

Well, it was on this very topic that the series director, Suda51, recently spoke out in a meeting with GameXplain. The news outlet asked him if it was possible that in the future we would see a No More Heroes 4.

Apparently, the creative does not rule out that it will be released, although in “about 10 years or so”. This time period would take place both in real life and in the game/franchise itself. He adds that he would like the story to star the Rocky/Drago showdown, although he notes that this would depend on both Marvelous and Grasshopper.

Along with this, in the same interview, he has shared that he would like to release a spin-off starring Shinobu. She comments that in Grasshopper they are aware of the relevance of this character and the popularity of the couple that she and Travis form. Although she can’t confirm anything for now, she says that she would like to delve deeper into what Shinobu has to offer.