No More Heroes 3 details and demonstrates Garbage Collecting and Coast Guard mechanics in a video

An interesting video of one of the most promising games of the moment among Nintendo Switch users has arrived again. This one has been recently released and corresponds to scenes from No More Heroes 3.

In this case, the short film shows us more minutes of the title focused on the Garbage Collecting and Coast Guard mechanics. You can find it right below along with the details provided:

How do you distinguish first class assassins from ordinary assassins? First class assassins have no qualms about taking rubbish in crocodile-infested areas! Those powerful teeth may be impressive, but there’s nothing they can do against a well-placed suplex technique!

Interestingly, the coast guard also involves dealing with overzealous giant crocodiles. But this time, you don’t repel them using suplex techniques, but a full-fledged tank! Your mission is simple: protect the coast from these dangerous beasts.