Nintendo Switch surpasses 89.04 million consoles sold, more details

Nintendo shared its updated financial results a few minutes ago this morning. Here we bring you some interesting sales data.

First of all, we have been able to find out the updated sales of its products, including those of Nintendo Switch. They are as follows:

  • Net sales in the first quarter: 322,647 million yen.
  • First-quarter operating profit: 119,752 million yen
  • Net profit in the first quarter: 92,747 million yen
  • Total Switch console sales: 89.04 million
  • Total Switch game sales: ¥632.40 million
  • Switch sales in Q1 of this year: 3.31 million
  • Switch Lite sales in the first quarter of this year: 1.14 million
  • Smart devices, IP-related revenues, etc. in the first quarter of this year: 13,199 million yen