Nintendo shares how to restrict children’s credit card use on Switch

It seems that Nintendo continues to share interesting information for Nintendo Switch users. In this case, Nintendo Japan offers some interesting tips to make sure the little ones don’t have any problems with their consoles.

The tips focus on preventing children from using credit cards. Nintendo uses simple vocabulary to prevent children from buying, mainly through microtransactions in games that have this type of payment available.

This is how Nintendo explains these kinds of restrictions:

  1. Log in to your existing Nintendo parent/guardian account to access the Nintendo account settings.
  2. Click on Family Group.
  3. A list of all monitored accounts in the family group will appear on the screen. Click on the Nintendo account where you want to manage restrictions.
  4. Click on each setting you want to adjust: Spending / Purchases in Nintendo Switch eShop and Nintendo website.
  5. Check the box to disable purchases and auto-renewal options on Nintendo Switch and via the Nintendo Online Store.

For viewing content on Nintendo Switch eShop:

  • Check Restrict to restrict the content that can be viewed in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. The content will be automatically restricted based on the player’s age. Click Save changes to confirm the change.