Nintendo has changed Daisy’s expression with the latest update to Mario Golf: Super Rush, and fans are furious

From Twitter comes a peculiar video related to one of the most prominent games of the moment among users who often play Nintendo Switch. This has been published recently and focuses on Mario Golf: Super Rush.

In the scenes shown in the short film, we can see that the latest update to the game, which has included Toadette and more new features, also applies changes to Daisy. Specifically, it modifies one of the phrases the character used to say when doing a Bogey.

Apparently, they have replaced the previous expression “Whatever” with “Booo”. “Whatever” can be translated as “Whatever”, and usually has a disdainful character, also referring to “Whatever” or “I don’t care”. Now Daisy no longer says it and only mentions “Booo” when making a Bogey.

Many fans have been unhappy with this decision and feel that Nintendo is stealing personality from the character, who in this case seemed to have shown a bit of temper or sass when it came to getting a bad score. However, fans loved that expression, as it made the character less flat.

And here you can see the video comparison: