Monster Harvest, the title that mixes Pokémon and Stardew Valley, has a new date for Nintendo Switch

This afternoon, we have been able to know an updated release window for one of the most anticipated games for Nintendo Switch players. In this case, we are talking about Monster Harvest, confirmed a while ago for the hybrid console.

Recently, it has been shared that this game has been delayed again until August 31 on Nintendo Switch in digital and physical format. This way, fans now know when they can get it on Nintendo Switch. We leave you with the shared message:

We regret to announce that we are pushing back the release date of Monster Harvest for the last time, to August 31st.

We know many will be disappointed and we don’t take these decisions lightly. There was one last development hurdle to overcome that didn’t go as well as expected, so we chose to take a step back to deliver exactly what we want players to experience. There is a wonderful community that has sprung up around Monster Harvest and, above all, we want to ensure the best for them, even if that means making a decision that might be disappointing.

In the meantime, the game demo will be available to play! Your progress in the demo will carry over to the full game, although you may want to start from scratch and take advantage of the improvements and fixes added up to that point. We are very grateful for your continued support and patience as we make sure Planimália is ready for your arrival.