Kitaria Fables releases new trailer

A sword and sorcery adventure fantasy with animals!
Plough the fields, get ready and set off on an adventure to save the world!

An adventure story in a world of animals!
The setting is Canoidera, a land of cute animals.
Nyanza and her team of mercenaries are assigned to guard the village of Nikuukyu, where monsters are rumored to be on the loose.
What is the cause of the monsters’ rampage? Nyanza and his friends are determined to find out.

Let’s go to the village, plough the fields and go on an adventure!
As a mercenary, Nyanza will go on adventures to various places.
While battling vicious monsters along the way and fulfilling requests, you can also freely grow plants in your own fields.
If you eat food made from the plants you’ve grown, your status will temporarily increase!
Get ready to take advantage of your adventure!

All downloadable content is included in the Deluxe Edition!
The Deluxe Edition includes all of the downloadable content from the beginning of the game, including 15 character skins that are available as paid DLC.
The Deluxe Edition includes 15 different character skins that are available as paid DLC from the start, allowing you to change the main character, Nyanza, to your own visual style!

Kitaria Fables – 2 September