How to get the new Zelda: Skyward Sword theme in Tetris 99

It seems that Tetris 99 has recently confirmed a new event: it’s an event starring Zelda: Skyward Sword. This celebrates the recent release of the Switch version.

This time, players are expected to have the chance to get their hands on a theme from the game if they score 100 points. Here’s the message posted:


  • Europe: 6 August (9am) to 10 August (8.59am)
    • UK: 6 August (8am) to 10 August (7.59am)
    • North America (ET): 6 August (3 am) To 10 August (2.59 am)
    • North America (PT): August 6 (12:00 am) To August 9 (11:00 pm)
    • Japan: August 6 (4 pm) to August 10 (3:59 pm)
  • Regions: All
  • Goal: Collect as many event points as you can!
  • Prize: Collect 100 points and get a special theme as a reward!