Guidelines on how many points you have during a game in Pokémon Unite

As you already know, Pokémon Unite is a team-based battle strategy game developed by The Pokémon Company and Tencent Games’ TiMi Studios. It is a free-to-download game with cross-platform connectivity for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

In this title, players battle against each other in 5 vs. 5 team battles. During the game, players will have to cooperate with their teammates to catch wild Pokémon, level up, evolve and defeat their opponents, while trying to score more points than the opposing team within the time limit.

One striking detail, however, is that in Pokémon Unite, the score is not displayed in matches. Instead, players get prompts like “It’s a close battle!” and “We’re struggling to keep up!”. Well, today we’ll explain what these messages mean and how to find out approximately how many points your team has.

Pokémon Unite Score Warning Messages:

Unlike most team-based multiplayer titles, TiMi Studios’ MOBA doesn’t have a scoreboard in battles. Instead, players are greeted with a total of five attention alerts throughout the game that give teams an idea of their current performance.
The first message appears halfway through the game, at 5 minutes, and the next messages appear at 3 minutes, 2 minutes and finally when the contest reaches the final 1 minute mark.
Meaning of the Pokémon Unite attention alerts (compiled by YouTuber SuperTeeds and fellow Unite member MAXTOOTHELIMIT):

  • It’s a close battle! – It’s a close battle: There’s a 0-20 point difference between each team.
  • We’re in the lead! – We’re in the lead: Your team has a 21-99 point lead over the other players.
  • We have a huge lead! – We have a huge lead: Your team has a lead of 100 points or more.
  • We’re struggling to keep up! – We’re struggling to keep up: Your team is losing by a range of 22 to 99 points.
  • We’re really struggling! – We’re really struggling! Your team is losing by 100 points or more.

Unfortunately, unless TiMi Studios decides to make changes, there is unfortunately no way to know exactly how many points our team has in the middle of a game. However, if we use the ranks indicated for each of the alert messages, we can get a rough idea of how many Aeos orbs we need to win.