Former Pokémon GO developer says Niantic is turning a deaf ear to community complaints

Glassdoor is a platform where employees can rate their experience at companies. Recently, an anonymous review of Niantic has caught the attention of the community, as it does not speak well of what is going on in the development of Pokémon GO.

Specifically, the message shared in March last year talks about such harsh topics as how the company does not accept negative feedback. The worker, who was an engineer at the company, claims he was ignored when voicing players’ complaints, arguing: “If people don’t realize something is negative, how can they work to fix it and turn it into something positive?

In addition to his criticism, there is also a comment that a Niantic executive asked him to keep quiet when he suggested some fixes for the game at the time. As such, what the anonymous worker described may reveal a less-than-appropriate work culture in the game, or it may simply have been a letter of revenge for a possible dismissal that the worker was unhappy about.

These criticisms aside, the future of Pokémon GO looks bright, with the arrival of Galar Pokémon coming soon and more and more players joining in the fun.