Fans are wondering if the role of Sinnoh’s most popular duo will increase in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

The Pokémon universe has a huge variety of different and varied characters that give the Pokémon video games a great deal of personality, and many of them are loved by the Pokémon community.

Well, two of these characters are Faust and Lectro, a member of the High Command and the eighth Gym leader in the Sinnoh region, respectively. Ever since they were introduced in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl on Nintendo DS, it was clear that they have a good relationship, something that was confirmed in the official anime.

So it’s only natural to wonder what will happen to them in the remakes coming out for Nintendo Switch in November, which have been dubbed Diamond Shining and Pearl Shimmering, and which, as confirmed during their announcement, will be faithful reflections of the original instalments.

If we look at previous remakes, we can see how certain characters from the original games were given a more prominent role, which can translate into more scenes of the two or even a few additions to the story that make more references to both. Luckily, Sinnoh on the hybrid console is getting closer and closer, so we should be able to find out all the details soon.