Confusion at Pokémon Unite over recent changes to Slowbro

Pokémon Unite has been a huge success, and aims to continue that success with its release on mobile devices on 22 September. In addition, the developer tends to make changes on a regular basis to improve the gameplay experience and balance the different Pokémon.

Well, the latest patch for Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch, which was released on August 18, implemented a number of tweaks to characters, including Slowbro. It turns out that the changes to this Pokémon, which affected two of its abilities (Surf and Scald), have caused confusion among the game’s community.

Here are the changes:



The time its effects last on the opponent is reduced.

Error Correction.
Increases the damage dealt to the opponent.

One Reddit user, who tends to use Slowbro regularly, has posted that he is annoyed by these changes. He says this is because a Defender like Slowbro doesn’t need to do more damage, it needs to be more useful for its job, something TiMi didn’t take into account by increasing its damage but decreasing its defensive capabilities.

Slowbro is a Defender. So why is our utility being nerfed and ‘compensated’ with damage? from PokemonUnite

On the other hand, some users have responded to his post defending these measures and claiming that, with these changes, Slowbro is now able to reduce the characteristics of opponents and stay alive more easily, so it is clear that not everyone agrees with the same position on this issue.