Clockwork Aquario finalizes its releases on Nintendo Switch

The development of Clockwork Aquario began in 1992 and is the last arcade game developed by the legendary company Westone. With its beautiful 2D graphics, it was created to push the SEGA System 18 arcade hardware to its limits. Unfortunately, fighting games and 3D games dominated arcades at the time, which led to the cancellation of Clockwork Aquario.

Originally designed by Westone’s senior editor and co-founder Ryuichi Nishizawa, Clockwork Aquario can be described as the start of a company that was part of an era with historical landmarks such as the Wonder Boy / Monster World series.

As a company that strives for the preservation of video games, it has also become part of Strictly Limited Games’ mission to discover unreleased games that are an essential part of the cultural heritage of video games.

Clockwork Aquario – 30 November at least in Japan with the following special edition available on Amazon Japan