Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions: Details and video of the new update 1.31.0

It looks like fans of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions can now enjoy a new update on Nintendo Switch. Version 1.31.0 is now available for download on the hybrid console.

This patch includes quite a few new features in this football title, including new functions and adjustments. We leave you with the full list shared below:

  • You can now customise background music: You can now purchase custom background music that plays during versus and online matches.
  • Function to change CPU matchmaking settings: In the matchmaking settings for online versus, you can now set matchmaking to match by CPU instead of by region by removing “Matchmaking Range” from the settings.
  • Online versus match withdrawal function: It is now possible to withdraw during these matches.
  • Changed the matchmaking system for division matches: When matching for the match, you will now be assigned any ranking from the start. Along with this, the cost limit has been unified to 1600 for all ratings.
  • Slots for online players and online teams are available in the CC Shop. You can purchase online player slots and online teams in the CC Shop.
  • Adjusted content in the Prologue. In the prologue, you can now skip the tutorial and show the same guide again.