A language bug in Zelda: Skyward Sword HD appears to be blocking the ending for some players

We have some important news related to this title. It is specifically a new message focused on Zelda: Skyward Sword HD.

In this case, the text informs us of what appears to be a glitch present in the end of the game. The curious thing is that this glitch only seems to occur in one specific language in the game: it only appears if you play in Dutch.

The message below is not the only one that has been shared: on social media, many fans have confirmed that this is the case. Here is the information:

“I just ‘finished’ the game on Switch and the blank screen appears — what an anti-climax!”

“I closed the game, went back to beat the final boss and the same thing happened again. It just crashes to a white screen and nothing happens.”

“Yeah, pff, same thing happened to me… epic boss battle and then a mega anti-climax with a blank screen…”

We’ll keep an eye out for Nintendo to comment on this.