Valve’s Nintendo Switch-like console Steam Deck’s price is “painful”, says Gabe Newell

Surely many of you will remember yesterday’s announcement of Steam Deck, a hybrid console that Valve / Steam are preparing, clearly inspired by Nintendo Switch. Although those responsible have not commented on the Nintendo platform, the resemblance is evident.

Today we receive statements from Valve’s president, Gabe Newell, who has mentioned that something “painful” about this console is its price. He states that they focused on performance and the price was a “critical” aspect. Here are the prices:

  • 64GB model: $399
  • 256 GB model: $529
  • 512GB model: $649

These were his words:

I want to pick this up and say, oh, everything works. Everything is fast. It’s all… and then the price was secondary and painful. But that was clearly a critical aspect.

Alongside this, he has made it clear that he is convinced that this console could sell millions of units:

Our view is that, if we are doing well, we will sell these millions of units.